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MLB ump Jim Wolf’s jacked arms elicit comparisons to Ed Hochuli

Former NFL referee Ed Hochuli was known more for his massive biceps than anything related to the duties of his job, including his legendary, unnecessarily long-winded explanations of penalties and rules infractions.

With Hochuli announcing his retirement back in March, a void exists and the sports world needs another official to seize the muscular mantle long occupied by the ex-NFL referee going all the way back to 1990.

Enter MLB umpire Jim Wolf. Let Wolf leave us all tickets to the gun show.

Yup, that’ll do.

Wolf, 49, is a native of West Hills, Calif., and made his debut in the big leagues on Sept. 2, 1999. Odds are it’s taken years for Wolf to sculpt his arms into their current Hochulian proportions. But without a doubt the case can be made that in Wolf a replacement has been found for the sizeable arms of Hochuli. Strike a flex pose, Mr. Wolf. The sports world is watching.