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Watch: Latest ‘NBA 2K19’ reveals Bill Simmons as guest commentator

The upcoming release of “NBA 2K19” is getting closer and closer and the latest news about the highly anticipated video game involves adding a popular personality to the celebrated series.

After bringing in Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant as guest commentators for last year’s edition, the latest teaser video posted Thursday showcases how Bill Simmons of “The Ringer” fame has been added as well.

Simmons is viewed as a polarizing sports personality, loved by many and tolerated at best, loathed at worst, by others. That said, Simmons’ NBA acumen cannot be questioned. It will be interesting to see how “NBA2K19” integrates his unique and often offbeat perspective of basketball into game play.

“NBA 2K19” hits the shelves on Sept. 11.