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Watch: Jay Cutler reacts as expected to ‘Very Cavallari’ being renewed

Jay Cutler became a surprising reality television star over the summer thanks to his patently Cutler-esque performance in his wife Kristin Cavallari’s E! show, “Very Cavallari.”

And the former NFL quarterback accomplished as much by doing little more than giving no effort at being his surly, usual self.

To wit:

Now, thanks to the … charisma … of Cutler and Cavallari’s tolerance of her husband comes news that “Very Cavallari” has been renewed by E! for a second season.

Here’s Cavallari making the big announcement in a tweeted video posted on Thursday. Cutler’s reaction? Nonplussed may be a way of putting it. “Don’t care, don’t want it” is a better one.

“Hard pass,” Cutler says.

Too late, Mr. Cutler. Word has it 10 episodes are set to be filmed with a Season 2 debut some time in 2019.

Cutler always was an enigma of sorts on the football field, something that long fascinated — not to mention occasionally infuriated — fans and inspired brilliant memes. Further, the relationship and marriage of the Cutler-Cavallari pairing also has been a sight to behold over the years.

With all that in mind, here’s to a Season 3 of “Very Cavallari” as well, much to Cutler’s presumed chagrin … not that he cares enough to do or say anything about it.