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Kirk Cousins had a pretty tame 30th birthday: ‘Kind of sat around’

Sunday marked Kirk Cousins’ 30th birthday, which for many counts as a milestone life event. However, the celebration, for lack of a better word, hardly involved any semblance of revelry whatsoever.

Cousins not surprisingly has not set down any real roots in Minnesota as of yet, having just signed with the Vikings earlier this year. The lack of an established network of friends and family in town meant Cousins basically rode solo on his big day when not with his teammates.

“(I) just kind of sat around on Sunday on my birthday,” Cousins said Wednesday, via the Star Tribune. “As we were leaving the other night and the coaches said, ‘Quarterbacks, can you stay? Do you have anywhere to be?’ I looked at him and said, ‘I have no life here. I am here to play football for the Minnesota Vikings. I don’t have a whole lot else going on. You let me know. I’ll be here.’

“I found that to be true on my birthday as well. I sit around, I have the free time but I don’t really know what to do. I haven’t really built that much of a life here yet so it was kind of funny.”

Cousins certainly does not come across as party-hearty guy, far from it, in fact. Still, it’s somewhat sad that something did not come up to help Cousins make his 30th birthday a more festive occasion, even by his low-key standards.

At the very least, Cousins could have grilled some unidentifiable meat, as he did on the 4th of July, to treat himself to a barbecue of one.

On the other hand, perhaps the Vikings signal-caller enjoyed the peace and solitude by spending time contemplating the big picture. After all, Cousins is a guy who has a cylindrical vase filled with stones outside his house in Michigan that he uses to confront his own mortality.

Happy birthday, indeed.