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Goose Gossage in MLB rant: ‘They’re going to have nerds in the dugout’

Goose Gossage is renowned for going on curmudgeonly rants about baseball in the modern era. And the Hall of Fame pitcher did not play against type when recently going off on how be believes nerds will ruin America’s pastime.

Gossage was among those interviewed by Bleacher Report’s Scott Miller for a piece concerning the problems facing Major League Baseball. Considering his hot-take history when weighing in on such matters, Gossage’s comments were hardly a surprise.

“We could sit here and talk all day about the way the game has been changed, and not in a good way,” Gossage said. “I try to watch a baseball game, and I find it very difficult to be able to watch today.

“It just breaks my heart to see the changes that have been made. Huge changes.”

Gossage also railed against the nerd culture currently permeating throughout baseball, arguing one day said nerds will be setting up shop in dugouts.

“I think if more people spoke out, there would be [pushback],” Gossage said. “I thought Joe Torre, when he went into the commissioner’s office [as MLB’s chief baseball officer in 2011], we’d have a good ally there. But money—you’re collecting a paycheck. … Coaches used to put a foot in your a–, and they had authority because they were hired for that job. Now, it’s soft.

“They’re going to have nerds in the dugout. And I’ve said it: If [Yankees general manager Brian] Cashman had any balls, he’d have done that a long time ago. Or he’d like to now. Put a nerd in uniform. Because anybody can manage today. There’s 100 pitches, and then you start parading your 10 relievers in.”

Clearly, Gossage is no fan of the current state of Major League Baseball. It was only a few years ago Gossage unleashed a profane rant about how the likes of showboating players like Jose Bautista and Yoenis Cespedes were ruining baseball. Gossage later took ownership of the meltdown, saying, “I just kind of lost my mind.”

It warrants mentioning during that Gossage diatribe in 2016, he also opined “nerds” were ruining baseball.