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Jim Harbaugh’s office whiteboard loaded with great motivational quotes

Jim Harbaugh without question is one of the most eccentric, interesting and fiery personalities in the world of college football.

The Michigan Wolverines head coach has cultivated a compelling persona during his few years in Ann Arbor, one that builds upon a reputation established during his previous stints in college football as well as the NFL.

And now comes evidence from Harbaugh’s own office that documents how he gives 100 percent in everything he does, including the espousing of fantastic motivational quotes.

ESPN’s Marty Smith spent some time with Harbaugh this week ahead of the 2018 college football season.

Smith later took to Twitter to showcase a whiteboard in Harbaugh’s office that is overflowing with philosophical credos and occasionally off-the-wall statements.

Among the entries on the whiteboard, as compiled by SB Nation:

Fat is the enemy of speed

Got where I am by rolling up my sleeves, delegating nothing, and taking everything personally

Lead like Truman don’t tap dance like Fred Astaire

If you are bored you are boring

Ain’t hard being a football player if you are a football player

Preaching to the choir is for the showboats and the soft

Transform your fear into anger … solve your problems with aggression

I’ve been known to come through on occasion

Addition by subtraction

Do you usually get what you are asking for? Do any of us?

I shouldn’t have to pester or harass you to help you

You are over the legal limit for what ifs

Fantastic. To borrow a mantra occasionally employed by the coach that’s so Harbaugh-ian it should be wearing Dockers, talk about an “Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind,” which also is referenced on his whiteboard.

As noted, Harbaugh gives it his all in everything and approaches every challenge as an opportunity. A recent cameo on a Comedy Central program proves that all too well.