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Watch: Dwight Howard obliterated by John Oliver in bit about trades

Dwight Howard was on the receiving end of a savage shot courtesy of HBO’s John Oliver during Sunday’s edition of “Last Week Tonight.” The brutal take down of the now-Washington Wizard came during the Oliver’s preamble ahead of the main topic of the evening’s program, trade, of course from a political perspective.

Oliver delivered a brutal zinger at Howard’s expense when addressing the nature of international trade and arguing that Donald Trump does not seem to have a clear grasp of the intricacies of such nuanced politicking.

“Our main story tonight concerns trade,” Oliver said. “The basic system of barter and exchange that you have to do really carefully or you’ll end up with Dwight Howard.”

To riff on a bit commonly utilized by Oliver, “hashtag #BoomRoasted.”

But wait, there’s more from the sardonic host.

“Seriously, parents — talk to your children about trade,” Oliver quipped. “You don’t want to go to school with Pizza Lunchables and coming home with Dwight Howard. You think he’s gonna add a 3-point shot to his game now, kids? Grow up!”

Howard of course has bounced around the league in recent years and recently landed with the Wizards after the Charlotte Hornets traded him earlier this month to the Brooklyn Nets, who immediately waived him, ushering in his latest stop in D.C.

All told, Howard will enter the 2018 NBA season with a sixth team, his third squad in as many seasons. Howard nevertheless views his situation as an opportunity to alter the general consensus of how his career is viewed, one that he believes is Hall of Fame-caliber.

Howard has of course been subjected to a fair share of criticism — some earned, some perhaps not — throughout his career. A fair share of the vitriol espoused by Howard’s naysayers stems from his reputation as a toxic locker room presence.

That said, it was the same old Dwight Howard during his Wizards’ introductory press conference last month. It will be interesting to see whether or not Howard can prove his doubters wrong this time around.