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Watch: Padres fan trucked by security after very short-lived field invasion

A San Diego Padres fan became the latest miscreant whose ill-advised decision to storm the field of play resulted in getting absolutely laid out by ballpark security. But what makes this most recent instance even more stupefying is just how short-lived his regrettable act of trespass lasted.

The Padres fan, apparently named Kevin given the chants of his pals pressuring him down the path to an eventual arrest, spends a few minutes girding himself for his brazen dash. It warrants mentioning that Kevin appears to have been fueling himself with the consumption of vast quantities of liquid courage.

And away he goes.

The saddest part of the entire spectacle is how Kevin made it about two steps before getting trucked by the security staffer and later deservedly manhandled by the guard’s colleagues.

For those interested in the “Director’s Cut,” which includes the aforementioned buildup to the misguided gambit, it follows below.

Good grief. The little dance kicks by Kevin as he’s led off in handcuffs says quite a bit about our subject..

Kevin presumably will be charged with a misdemeanor or two as punishment for his antics. However, if there’s any consolation, at least he did not get tased in the process of being apprehended, like that Philadelphia Phillies fan from a few years back.

Either way, the case is often made that highlighting fans making the mistake of disrupting a game by storming the field only inspires others to do the same. However, perhaps Kevin’s expeience will serve as a cautionary tale to others: Little good typically comes of engaging in such silly and lamebrained shenanigans.