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Jon Lester makes great wisecrack about WAR, sabermetrics

Jon Lester has no time for advanced stats, sabermetrics and the like that have taken over baseball. All that matters to the occasionally surly Chicago Cubs pitcher are the most basic baseball numbers found up on a traditional scoreboard.

No further evidence is needed that Lester could not care less about such statistical nuances than what he said after pitching six shutout innings on Thursday to lead the Cubs to a 1-0 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

“I’m sure there are probably all kinds of stats out there about exit velocity or launch angle or how guys had a different approach against me,” Lester said of his superb outing, via the Chicago Tribune. “We’ll let those numbers answer for how I did.”

One intrepid reporter could not allow the opportunity to ask Lester a follow-up question about WAR in light of the pitcher railing on the obsession with such things.

“I don’t even know what WAR is and how it applies to a pitcher,” Lester said. “All I know is the Cubbies won the game, and that’s all that matters.”

Lester is about as old-school as they come, so it’s no surprise he takes a skeptical, if not completely dismissive, approach to sabermetrics. Still, it’s amusing to hear a ballplayer of Lester’s ilk gripe about advanced stats in such a fantastic, straightforward manner.