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Tiger Woods’ caddie shares story about paying heckler $25 to beat it

Tiger Woods has reestablished himself as the biggest draw on the PGA Tour thanks to some brilliant performances in The Open Championship and last weekend’s PGA Championship, which culminated in one of the most memorable final rounds of golf in recent memory.

It seems that everyone is pulling for Woods after overcoming what were deemed potentially career-ending back issues in recent years. However, there remain those who remain off the Tiger bandwagon.

One such hater recently made it annoyingly evident that he was not interested in cheering on Tiger. Instead, the man insisted on endlessly heckling Woods during a round at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational a few weeks ago.

The heckler became such a disruptive presence that Tiger Woods’ caddie, Joe LaCava, took matters into his own hands.

LaCava recently relayed the fantastic story about how he tried to pay off the annoying heckler with $25 just to get him to beat it.

“I said, ‘Hey listen bud, why do you gotta go there? Everyone is having a good time, everyone is pulling for Tiger.’” LaCava said on Wednesday during an appearance on the Golic & Wingo show on ESPN Radio, as transcribed by SB Nation. “‘If you don’t like the guy, that’s one thing. But you don’t need to be yelling at my guy and screaming negative stuff like that.’”

LaCava indicated his interaction occurred on the 14th hole during Sunday’s final round.

“So he calls me a couple names and I go back and forth with the guy,” LaCava said. “And I said, ‘Why don’t you just leave?’

“And he goes, ‘Well, if you give me $25 for the ticket that I bought today, I’ll leave.’

“And I said, ‘Here you go. Here’s $25.’”

But it did not end there.

“So he starts to head the other way, goes 20 yards down the line, and he calls me a certain other swear word. So I run 20 yards back the other way. We’re going face-to-face with this guy and all of a sudden Tiger is looking for a yardage and I’m in it with this guy 20 yards down the line.”

What a story.