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Serena Williams: Colin Kaepernick would win Super Bowl if given chance

Serena Williams, one of the greatest athletes in the history of sport, is the subject of a fascinating cover story in Time released on Thursday.

In the expansive, wide-ranging and provocative interview, Williams weighs in on myriad subjects, including the obstacles she’s faced in her career both on and off the tennis court. Among the challenges Williams addresses is the role race has affected her personal and professional experiences.

Williams addresses the ongoing controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s continued unemployment, which most assume is solely due to his role in launching the NFL’s national anthem protest movement and social activism.

The tennis icon indicates she has met Kaepernick on two occasions: Before he began his protests in 2016 and after the quarterback began drawing the ire of Donald Trump, who of course has been deeply enmeshed in issues involving pro sports and has waged war against the NFL over the polarizing protest issue.

Williams believes Kaepernick would lead a team to a Super Bowl championship if provided the opportunity. Further, Kaepernick, Williams says, would accomplish the feat in large part due to sheer determination and desire to prove his critics wrong.

“Colin is happy with what he’s doing,” she says. “Some people are different. He’s just different.” She doubts an NFL team will hire him, especially after he filed a collusion grievance against the league. But she’s convinced Kaepernick would win a Super Bowl. Few believe in the power of determination like Serena. “He’d have so much to prove,” she says. “I would. I can’t imagine he would be any different. ‘Man, I’m about to show out. Y’all gonna see stuff you’ve never seen before.’”

Williams seems to see in Kaepernick a kindred spirit in the way obstacles only inspire both of them to push themselves, both in their respective sports and away from them. The entire Time interview without question is well worth a read.