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Ice Cube thinks the Clippers should leave L.A. for Seattle or Vegas

Ice Cube doesn’t understand why Los Angeles even needs the Clippers, what with the city already boasting the iconic and championship-rich Lakers franchise.

In fact, the rapper-turned-actor-turned-media mogul and Big3 co-founder even has some suggestions for where the Clippers should choose as a destination to relocate.

Seattle or Las Vegas.

Ice Cube joined ESPN’s “First Take” this week and railed against how San Diego has shipped L.A. both the Clippers and the Chargers.

“San Diego, man, stop sending us the teams y’all don’t want. Man, we don’t want ’em either,” he said. “The Clippers need to bounce and take the Chargers with you.”

And then on Wednesday during an appearance on The Bill Simmons Podcast on The Ringer, Ice Cube went scorched earth on the Clippers’ unnecessary presence in the City of Angels.

“If I was the Clippers, I would kill myself,” Ice Cube joked on the podcast, via The Washington Post. “I’m hard on the Clippers . . . because they’re just, like, here. And I think they can do a lot of good elsewhere. There’s a lot of cities — Seattle — that are hoping and wishing for an NBA team, and we have too many. And they’re never gonna, I guess, uproot the Lakers and so it’s doing a disservice to me, to the Clippers, their fans…

“We don’t [need a second NBA team in L.A.], not in basketball. The Clippers and the Chargers, make them a package deal. Y’all want that, you got ’em for cheap.”

As noted in The Post’s report, there are significant logistical issues preventing the Clippers, who moved to L.A. in 1984, from ever leaving town. And the Chargers, with a new stadium in Inglewood on the way, aren’t going anywhere. But hey, Ice Cube can dream, right?