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Eagles troll Patriots from within their locker room at Gillette Stadium

The Philadelphia Eagles face the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Thursday night in preseason action. The exhibition of course will be a revival of the teams’ showdown Super Bowl LII, albeit with much, much lower stakes.

Even if the action on the field will be a watered-down version of a re-match, it’s clear the Eagles — at least the team’s equipment crew — are inclined to have some fun while in Foxborough.

The Eagles’ official Twitter account posted a photograph Thursday afternoon in of some team gear in the visitors locker room inside Gillette Stadium.

It looks innocent enough at first blush, but the emoji utilized in the tweet provides a hint that there’s more to the image. Upon closer inspection one should notice that the numbers of the assigned lockers are for No. 41 and No. 33 … as in the final score of the Eagles’ victory over the Patriots in the Super Bowl.


The Eagles’ troll-job within the confines of their locker room means that the Patriots are being mocked about the outcome of Super Bowl LII both inside and outside of Gillette Stadium. Although it merits noting the pro-Eagles billboard displayed down the road from the stadium was pulled off by a fan, not the team.

Either way, talk about bringing a strong troll game into New England.