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Terrelle Pryor weighs in on incident during Jets-Redskins joint practice

Terrelle Pryor took to social media on Wednesday evening to weigh in on an incident that occurred Tuesday during a joint practice between his New York Jets squad and the Washington Redskins, his former team.

“My goal is to compete, sharpen my football skills and make it clear to my new teammates that they can depend on me. It’s crucial for me to be a positive role model for the kids who came to training camp to watch us,” Pryor’s statement read. “My behavior here and during the season is bigger than proving some sort of point during joint practices.

“I will continue to work hard and lead by example by not making it about me and keeping the focus on the Jets organization.”

Pryor’s comments center around an incident during the joint practice involving Redskins safety D.J. Swearinger. After Pryor failed to bring in a would-be touchdown catch with Swearinger blanketing him, the Redskins safety started jawing at his former teammate.

Things came to a head when Swearinger approached Pryor and pretended to throw a punch, causing Pryor to flinch.

Swearinger may have been a little worked up in light of what Pryor had to say last week ahead of the joint practice.

It hasn’t been a good week for Pryor to say the least. Along with the practice incident, Pryor drew Jets head coach Todd Bowles’ ire after revealing details to the media concerning the extent of an ankle injury. Bowles said Pryor “should keep his mouth shut” about such matters. Pryor may be as eager as anyone for the regular season to start.