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Nick Foles still downplaying lack of contact with Tom Brady since SB

Much was made about how Tom Brady neglected to shake hands with Nick Foles after Super Bowl LII, as is the custom. Further, Foles mentioned a few weeks later that he had yet to speak to Brady after earning MVP honors in the Philadelphia Eagles’ 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots.

The same teams will take the field Thursday in a Super Bowl rematch, albeit in a meaningless preseason game. Given the opponent, Foles was once again asked whether or not he has heard from Brady in the months since the big game.

“No, we haven’t” Foles said of whether or not he’s spoken with Brady, via “We have a lot going on in our lives, so, in time.”

Foles of course has been on whirlwind of sorts since his heroic performance in the Super Bowl. The standard media tour of course occupied much of his time, as did promoting the release of his book.

Brady, as is often the case, occupied his offseason with glamorous vacations with Gisele and his children. So Foles is right about both being busy. That said, Foles does not understand why the situation between himself and Brady had caused such a stir.

“It’ll happen when it happens,” Foles said of making contact with Brady. “We practiced with the Patriots several years ago and I got to stand there and talk to Tom quite a bit. He’s a great guy. I have all the respect in the world for him.

“I think everybody is making a really big deal out of this, and it’s not a really big deal at all. I’ve already talked to him before. He’s a guy I’ve always looked up to. You’ve got to admire someone who’s probably the greatest ever and is still going strong. At his age, he gets better and better.”

There’s a good chance Foles and Brady will cross paths when the Eagles pay a visit Thursday to a Gillette Stadium filled with what will be a raucous — and likely hostile — crowd. Perhaps then this matter can be put to rest.