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J.J. Watt looks absolutely jacked at camp, taking it ‘one day at a time’

J.J. Watt has been raising eyebrows throughout training camp with his encouraging performance on the field after two injury-plagued seasons. What’s more, the Houston Texans superstar is continuing to amaze off the field as well by posting photographs to social media of himself looking certifiably jacked.

Watt took to Instagram earlier this week to showcase himself following a presumably intense session in the weight room. Suffice to say, Watt’s musclebound physique is … really something.

one day at a time.

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Watt captioned the impressive photo with a “one day at a time” message, a mantra he echoed while discussing his approach to camp and the upcoming season.

“I feel great. I feel great. It’s been great to be back out here with the guys on the field playing the game,” Watt recently told CBS Sports’ Evan Washburn. “Just take it one day at a time. I feel really good and the trainers did a really good job this offseason helping me get my body back to where it needs to be. And it’s just playing football.”

Watt certainly has taken the “one day at a time” philosophy to heart as it’s the same phrase he used a few weeks ago. Texans head coach Bill O’Brien in the same article characterized Watt as being in Defensive Player of the Year form heading into the season.

A litany of injuries have derailed Watt’s past two NFL seasons, playing in a total of eight games over that period. But it’s clear Watt is putting in the work for a return to form.

A recent social media dispatch featuring Watt in a flex pose even elicited comparisons to The Incredible Hulk. The latest Instagram dispatch should similarly inspire such praise.

The only remaining question about Watt’s commitment to hard work is whether or not he can out-Hulk a certain NBA superstar when it comes to jacked-up physiques ahead of their respective upcoming seasons.