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Stephen Curry trolls Kevin Durant, calls him ‘ugly’ on Instagram post

Stephen Curry had some fun at Kevin Durant’s expense recently on Instagram by referring to his Golden State Warriors teammate as “ugly” in a delightful troll job.

The post in question features Durant chilling on a couch while rocking shades and wearing a backwards cap. The look for some reason inspired Curry to joke about the fellow superstar’s appearance. Curry’s mockery of Durant was first noticed by Warriors Nation.

“Damn he ugly,” Curry observes, albeit presumably in a joking manner. Still, that’s cold-blooded.

It should almost go without saying that Durant typically does not respond all too well to trolls taking it to him on social media. In fact, it’s caused him all sorts of trouble, up to and including in recent weeks.

Durant’s latest social media meltdown came in the aftermath of his appearance on Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum’s podcast in July. Durant went after McCollum on Twitter over an unflattering comment following the podcast.

Durant then lashed out at the media over how he was portrayed in the incident saying “y’all trying to make me look crazy.”

But back to Curry’s Instagram comment potshot. Odds are Durant won’t take being called “ugly” by Curry as seriously as other social media-based barbs shot in his direction. Hopefully. After all, it certainly seems like these Warriors players understand not to take things like in-team trolling too seriously.