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Watch: Ronda Rousey jokes about looking spooked by bat on WWE Raw

Ronda Rousey obviously is well on her way to becoming a huge superstar in the world of professional wrestling. But an incident during “WWE Raw” on Monday night posed a minor threat to Rousey maintaining her tough-as-nails, intimidating persona.

Rousey was ringside for the match between Alexa Bliss and Ember Moon, serving as the the latter’s backup. At some point during the match, a bat descended upon the outside of a squared circle, uncomfortably close to where Rousey was keeping her eyes glued to the goings-on inside the ring.

While Rousey did her best to not be fazed by the creature in her proximity, cameras appeared to catch her saying, “Oh my God. There’s a bat!”

It certainly is understandable to be somewhat spooked by a bat. But Rousey wasn’t having any of it, taking to social media to reject any notion that a little winged creature scared her in the least, while jokingly acknowledging the source of the suggestion.


Nice use of the bat emoji in the “bat an eyelash” line. Well played, Ronda Rousey. That said, despite her protests, Rousey did appear a bit creeped out by the situation. To be fair, though, who can blame her? Those things can be rife with rabies, for crying out loud.