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Watch: Draymond Green trolls birthday boy DeMarcus Cousins

Monday marks DeMarcus Cousins’ 28th birthday. Among the activities planned for his big day was the ordinary task of getting himself a haircut. Along for the outing was Draymond Green, Cousins’ new Golden State Warriors teammate.

Green, a notorious trash talker, ignored how it was Cousins’ birthday and opted to troll the 28-year-old over a hairline that is beginning to recede. Cousins fired back at Green over his goatee as the two engaged in witty banter.

The defending champion Warriors will be confronted with the task of how to integrate Cousins onto a team already boasting a handful of superstars. Interestingly, Cousins deemed his decision to join the loaded Warriors as a “last resort.”

That said, the camaraderie exhibited between Cousins and Green, two players boasting over-sized, fiery personalities, certainly bodes well for the potential of at least this duo getting on well on the court. And it sounds like Cousins has an ally in Kevin Durant as well, despite the two having something of a checkered past.

In any event, here’s to Cousins enjoying a happy birthday, even with Green’s troll-job.