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Brent Musburger talks NFL anthem protests, Trump’s ‘Twitter high horse’

Brent Musburger recently weighed in on the polarizing national anthem protest issue that continues to plague the NFL. The legendary broadcaster’s comments included an observation that Donald Trump getting up on his “Twitter high horse” only complicates matters for the league.

Trump delivered a mini-tweetstorm on Friday morning in which he suggested NFL players ought to find “another way to protest.” The President again also argued that players should be suspended without pay if they protest during the anthem. Trump’s ire was inspired by a handful of players participating in some form of anthem protest during Thursday night’s preseason games.

Musburger — who will do radio play-by-play for the Oakland Raiders this season — echoed in large part one NFL owner’s lament about Trump’s tweeted broadsides, arguing the President’s social media missives are divisive.

“The potential danger is the insult being delivered to customers,” Musburger said over the weekend during an interview on FOX Sports Radio, as transcribed by “This is a very very tricky situation for ownership. I’ve talk to several and they’re beside themselves because just when they think things are quieting down, President Trump will get on his ‘Twitter high horse’ and unload again, then of course the certain segment of the football population will respond accordingly and the two sides harden on their side of this particular issue, it’s a business issue and it’s a social justice issue.”

Trump’s tweeted salvos of course are nothing new, as the President has engaged in a war of words with the NFL going back to the start of the 2017 season.

As noted, several players engaged in some sort of anthem protest during Thursday’s preseason action. A controversial new anthem policy was ratified by owners earlier this year but it has been temporarily shelved amid ongoing deliberations between the NFL and players.

Despite the continued discussions, any potential resolution of the issue does not appear imminent, given the comments of NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy, who said in part last week, “There has been no change in the NFL’s policy regarding the national anthem.”