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Mike Zimmer keeps saying ‘tweet that,’ wants to put it on a t-shirt

Mike Zimmer appears to be developing his own catchphrase at training camp. So much so that the cantankerous Minnesota Vikings head coach even recognizes it himself. In fact, Zimmer even joked about printing up some t-shirts with the line on them to raise money for his charity.

On two occasions in the past week or so, Zimmer has told reporters to “tweet that” after making a bold proclamation.

The first such instance occurred earlier this week when Zimmer vehemently denied having interest in Richie Incognito amid the Vikings’ offensive line issues, a situation that spiraled out of control thanks to the free agent’s social media antics.

“No interest and totally false,” Zimmer said of the Vikings’ purported interest in Incognito. “Tweet that.”

Later in the week, Zimmer busted out the line again when addressing how the Vikings’ offensive line woes became that much more desire due to the news that guard Nick Easton underwent surgery Thursday to repair a bulging disc in his neck. Easton is expected to be lost for the season. But Zimmer insisted there’s no reason to panic and suggested reporters relay as much on social media.

“I know everybody’s nervous about our offensive line but I like the mentality of those guys,” Zimmer said, via ESPN. “I like how they work. I’m around them quite a bit. They’re going to figure out a way to get it done. Calm is the new … Tweet that. It’s my new saying. We’re going to get some [‘Tweet that’] on the Mike Zimmer Foundation T-shirts. Tweet that.”

Tweet that. It has a nice ring to it. It would indeed look great on a shirt coming out of Zimmer’s mouth in a word bubble.

While Zimmer’s handle on social media clearly is much more evolved than what Bill Belichick possesses — Snapface anyone? — it’s nevertheless amusing to hear the ordinarily ornery coach insist on busting out a Twitter reference a couple of times.

And hey, it would all be for charity.