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Watch: LeBron James looks absolutely jacked at first Lakers workout

For a player the caliber of LeBron James, there’s really no such thing as an offseason. One needn’t look any further than how jacked James looked on Thursday during his first workout with the Los Angeles Lakers.

James showed up in the gym boasting a physique that abundantly illustrates the superstar has not been taking it easy since getting swept out of the NBA Finals in early June.

The Lakers took to Twitter to showcase the NBA’s biggest get in free agency … which obviously goes without saying.

Based solely on a few photographs and some on-court footage, the case can be made the musclebound 33-year-old may be working harder than ever to maintain an elite level of fitness.

If Lakers fans — not to mention the greater NBA community — went crazy over seeing James in his Lakers uniform earlier this week (below), it stands to reason seeing a ripped James in action will only up the hype to insane levels.

A certain superstar NFL player recently was likened to The Incredible Hulk due to his musclebound physique. It goes without saying King James rightfully deserves the same treatment.