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Kevin Love, at 6-foot-10, almost looks short standing next to Yao Ming (pic)

The Internet has long enjoyed any occasion when Yao Ming stands next to an individual of average height. The juxtaposition provides for an amusing image and puts into perspective just how tall Ming stands at a towering 7-foot-6.

Taking the novelty of it all to another level comes courtesy of a recent photo of Kevin Love — all 6-foot-10 of him — posing alongside Ming.

Love recently made a stop in Beijing, China as part of a tour with Nike when he crossed paths with the NBA legend. It proved to be an interesting sight, as Love looks practically … well, short, or at least average.

Yao. @nikebasketball

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As noted, the “Yao Ming is Taller than People Who are Shorter than Him” has been a running gag on the Internet for years. But it nevertheless is a strange sight to behold to see how Ming almost dwarfs Love. It’s fun.