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Watch: ‘Madden 19’ still has Chargers playing in San Diego?

“Madden 19” is slated for release this coming Friday, Aug. 10. It would appear there are a few bugs that need to be worked out before it is unleashed on the football video game-loving masses.

A couple of videos posted to Twitter document how the Los Angeles Chargers are mentioned as playing in the “Mission Valley area of beautiful San Diego” in pregame intros.

The Twitter user posted another video showing how the glitch is was not just a one-time thing.


The Chargers of course departed San Diego for the Los Angeles area ahead of the 2017 NFL season. The glitch certainly is not the end of the world, although there are presumably countless “Madden” fans in the greater San Diego region who won’t be too happy about being reminded the team is no longer in town.

Glitches surfacing ahead of the annual release of the “Madden” franchise’s latest version of course are not uncommon. Although more often than not, said glitches tend to be more of the humorous variety (here and here and here), not ones that stick it to a heartbroken NFL fan base whose team has been taken away from them.

That said, EA Sports has spent the last week rectifying an “unfortunate mistake” that had them navigating something of a public relations fiasco, so there’s that as well.

Let’s just hope the folks at EA Sports correct the Chargers glitch so no San Diegans have to be reminded of what happened to their beloved team.