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Draymond Green declines to address alleged Tristan Thompson incident

Draymond Green was provided an opportunity to address once and for all the rumored altercation between himself and Tristan Thompson. Unfortunately for those with inquiring minds, the Golden State Warriors superstar declined to do so.

“I don’t feel the need to respond or go into detail on that,” Green told ESPN’s Marc J. Spears during an interview for The Undefeated. “That ain’t for me to do.”

The most recent reporting on the supposed melee points to it being flare-up from escalating tensions that arose between Green and Thomson during the NBA Finals. There were reports that Thompson landed a “sucker punch” on Green during a confrontation at an exclusive party following the ESPY Awards a few weeks ago. Others referred to it as a “smush face.”

Whatever the nature or ferocity of the reported punch, Green was left “incensed,” according to The Undefeated’s Marcus Thompson II (subscription required).

Meanwhile, additional nuggets pertaining the narrative emerged regarding the brouhaha.

Up until Green’s non-comments to Spears regarding the incident, the only thing he had to say about the situation involved trolling Cavaliers fans over a planned parade to celebrate Thompson supposedly laying him out.

It would appear that the story about the so-called standoff between Green and Thompson will be relegated to the status of urban myth fueled by hearsay and speculation … unless either Green or Thompson decide to open up about it for some reason at some point. Although the odds against that happening appear to be unlikely.