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Look: New Cav Sam Dekker mocks himself with imagined Cleveland banner

The Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Sam Dekker from the Los Angeles Clippers in a multi-player deal officially announced on Tuesday. Showcasing a phenomenal sense of humor — not to mention a situational awareness concerning the lack of a certain someone on his new team — Dekker took to Twitter to troll himself with a brilliant Photoshop.

LeBron James of course presided over the city of Cleveland in both a figurative and literal sense. The latter stemmed from a towering banner located in downtown Cleveland that featured the message “We Are All Witnesses” with James depicted with arms outstretched.

Instead of portraying himself in such a noble pose a la King James, Dekker opted to go a different route instead when imagining of what his own banner may look like in Cleveland. For his banner, Dekker is featured on his hands and knees with a basketball drilling him in the face.

Well played, indeed. The message, “A true banner we can all agree upon” really completes the masterclass in self-trolling.

James’ iconic banner of course was taken down in early July, shortly after the announcement came down he would be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the second time to join the Los Angeles Lakers.

The massive tribute to the prodigal son sponsored by Nike that hung on the building that houses Sherwin-Williams Co. headquarters measured 10 stories tall, came in at 1.3-tons and spanned roughly 25,000 square feet.

Odds are Dekker won’t be seeing himself celebrated in such a grandiose manner on the side of downtown Cleveland building anytime soon. It certainly appears he is perfectly fine with that, though, thanks to his well-played display of self-mockery.