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Watch: Odell Beckham Jr. enjoyed himself at Tuesday’s camp sessions

Odell Beckham Jr. really put on a show during Tuesday’s training camp sessions, although most of it involved fooling around with New York Giants teammates and a heartwarming interaction with a young fan dealing with an illness.

As Beckham is wont to do from time to time, some of his antics on Tuesday involved fraternizing with teammates, including shadowboxing with fellow wideout Sterling Shepard. Beckham also spent some time dancing, tossing around the pigskin and climbing a fence that separates fans from the practice field.

But perhaps best of all was when Beckham played pass coverage on 10-year-0ld Jhorden Eberhart, who is afflicted with sickle cell disease. The young Giants fan’s visit was coordinated by theĀ Children’s Dream Fund, per, which provided footage of Beckham’s eventful day.

It goes without saying that if Beckham is bothered by the fact that his agent departed camp earlier this week without a long-term extension for him, he is not showing it.

The Giants open their preseason schedule on Thursday against the Cleveland Browns. While it’s unclear whether or not Beckham will see any action, Giants head coach Pat Shurmur would not explicitly rule it out.

“Every player will receive the consideration necessary with regard to their playing time,” Shurmur said, via “We have to give them what they need. They are all at different stages of being ready to play in Week 1. We try to balance it and try to make decisions based on whether we think it’s right.”

Beckham last played in the Giants’ fifth game last season on Oct. 8. If how great Beckham has looked during training camp is any indication, he’ll be back on the gridiron — even if it’s only preseason action — sooner rather than later.