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Gabe Kapler reacts to snub of Phillies in ESPN power rankings

Gabe Kapler has taken notice of how his Philadelphia Phillies squad has been getting snubbed by ESPN’s weekly MLB power rankings of late. But Kapler pointed out the Phillies are doing well enough, even if it isn’t resulting in favorable placement in such exercises.

In the most recent installment of ESPN’s power rankings revealed on Monday, the Phillies ranked outside the top 10.

ESPN’s panel of five voters who create the weekly power rankings had the Phillies slotted at No. 11.

“We haven’t been in the top 10 yet, have we?” Kapler said, via “And we’re doing pretty good. Pretty proud of where we are with this club.”

Kapler’s reaction to the snub was much more subdued than that coming from Phillies slugger Rhys Hoskins. In a tweet posted in reaction to the rankings, Hoskins pointed out what happened the last time a Philly team was underestimated.

The Phillies (63-49) currently sit atop the NL East, leading the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals by 1.5 games and 5.5 games, respectively. Interestingly, the Braves outrank the Phillies by one spot, coming in at No. 10.

All that said, power rankings are mostly arbitrary opinions of those who generate them. The primary purpose of power rankings arguably is to inspire debate, although derision frequently can be the byproduct as well.

Kapler, despite some missteps early on in his first year as manager, clearly has the Phillies playing solid baseball. While he did weigh in on the snub by ESPN in their MLB power rankings, Kapler wisely opted to focus on things the team actually can control.  Most importantly, Kapler pointed out that despite not currently in the top 10 of ESPN’s rankings, the Phillies are doing just fine.