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Bucs’ Noah Spence used 9,000-calorie/day diet to gain 35 pounds

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Noah Spence spent the offseason adding mass to his frame. But it did not come without significant effort, mostly when it comes to an absurd daily dietary intake.

Spence, who reported to training camp last year weighing 228 pounds, currently comes in at 263 pounds, an astounding 35-pound weight gain. Spence credits a diet involving 9-10 meals per day in which approximately 9,000 calories are consumed.

“Today was the heaviest I’ve ever been and I felt great. I was 263 today,” Spence said, via ESPN. “I kind of just started playing with it [in the offseason] to see what works. I felt like if I just don’t stop eating or drinking, I won’t lose weight.”

Spence’s daily routine involves consuming nine protein shakes. He also hired a personal chef who carefully plans his meals — all nine or 10 of them — each day.

“I don’t really look at food like I like it anymore. I’m just eating, man,” Spence said.

During training camp, Spence starts each day with two protein shakes, each with two scoops of vegan protein powder, two scoops of peanut butter, two scoops of unsweetened coconut-milk ice cream, bananas and about two cups of almond milk. Together, the shakes come in at 1,400 calories. He finishes them by about 7 a.m., or he’ll finish one and drink the other on the way to the facility.

Then before practice begins, about 8, he’ll have a bowl of cream of wheat with almond milk and brown sugar, three pieces of French toast and two heaping scoops of potatoes for about 700 more calories. The mix of simple and complex carbs helps him maintain the explosiveness he needs throughout practice.

Meals prepared by his chef — along with more protein shakes and a late-night snack — complete Spence’s day. A gallon of water each day is also part of his dietary regimen. While Spence has seen positive results with his approach, he definitely does not recommend it.

“You don’t want to do that,” Spence said. “You’ll throw up. You’ll throw up.”

Good to know.