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Phil Mickelson on comically awkward new ad: ‘It’s fun to laugh at yourself’

A new commercial starring Phil Mickelson debuted on Thursday and the reaction to the comically awkward spot was instantaneous and favorable. And it sounds like Mickelson is perfectly fine with how people have reacted to the intentionally self-deprecating commercial.

The spot is for Mizzen+Main, the creators of the long-sleeved, button-up shirt that became a huge talker at The Masters after Mickelson wore it during a practice round with Tiger Woods. Mickelson later signed an endorsement deal with the company. The entertaining new spot celebrates the unconventional golf attire by having Mickelson unconventionally … dancing?

And by the term “dancing,” that of course means Mickelson busting out his best boogie-down dad moves while expertly dodging golf balls flying in his direction.

Watch as Mickelson cuts a rug, busts out “The Worm” and whatever the moves Lefty breaks out ought to be called.

The intent of the ad is of course for Mickelson to appear goofy. And it’s clear he was fine with the concept of everyone having a good laugh at his expense.

“Obviously, it’s not the thing I’m most comfortable doing,” Mickelson said after Thursday’s opening round of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, via ESPN’s Bob Harig. “But then Amy [Mickelson’s wife] said, ‘You should just tell them that you know how to do The Worm.’ After she said that, it was over, we were doing it.

“I think it’s fun to laugh at yourself, and certainly that’s what I’m doing in this commercial because it was a lot of work just to get those moves out of me.”

It’s always refreshing to see the likes of Mickelson, who carefully craft their public persona, poke fun at themselves. The ridiculous new commercial showcases quite well that Mickelson recognizes how nothing but good can come out of something so … bad … but a good and intentional kind of bad, of course.