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Look: Vikings’ Andrew Sendejo wears ‘Make Football Violent Again’ hat

The NFL’s new helmet-to-helmet rule has provoked strong reactions among the league’s players. Minnesota Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo certainly appears to be in the camp opposed to the controversial new rule.

The new rule states players face a 15-yard penalty if found to be lowering their helmet upon contact. A player also faces potential ejection from the game for the same violation.

The new policy not surprisingly has elicited its fair share of detractors, mostly stemming from the argument that the speed of the game will make it difficult to interpret what should be ruled as a violation. Sendejo seemingly expressed his thoughts on the issue with a provocative message on his hat.

Sendejo was spotted Friday at Vikings’ training camp sporting a “Make Football Violent Again” hat.

As noted in the tweet, Sendejo has donned the hat for some time. That said, it’s reasonable to assume the Vikings safety intentionally chooses to continue sending the same message, especially in light of new league policies.

It merits noting that while players like Sendejo — who was suspended one game last season for a helmet-to-helmet hit — are staunch opponents of the new rule, other NFLers support it. Among the proponents are Los Angeles Rams cornerback Aqib Talib, who argues new rules that increase the likelihood of player safety are “good for the game.”