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Look: Johnny Hekker bemoans resembling Mose Schrute in ‘Madden 19’

Los Angeles Rams punter Johnny Hekker without question is among the top punters in NFL, if not the best. And Hekker has taken issue with how he’s portrayed in “Madden 19,” and arguably for good — not to mention hilarious — reasons.

Typically, NFL players’ gripes when it comes to the “Madden” series is related to unhappiness over their rankings and how their skills are rated. This is not the case for Hekker. Instead, the Rams punter has taken issue with his appearance in the upcoming version of the iconic video game.

Hekker took notice of his “Madden” avatar — and bemoaned it — in a tweet Thursday night. Simply stated, Hekker believes he resembles Mose Schrute from “The Office” a bit too much.

Oof. Hekker’s characterization is spot-on.

Mose of course is Dwight Schrute’s offbeat, simple-minded cousin who boasts one magnificent neck beard. To wit:

Interestingly, Mose is portrayed by Michael Schur, a television producer, writer who wrote 10 episodes of “The Office.” Schur was also behind two other celebated NBC series as co-creator “Parks and Recreation” and creator of “The Good Place.”

For fans of the sports blogosphere in its heyday, Schur, before he became a major player in Hollywood, was one of the creative forces behind the groundbreaking “Fire Joe Morgan,” where he wrote under the pseudonym “Ken Tremendous.”

To utilize the line from the classic NBC public service announcements, “The More You Know…”

But back to Hekker. It must be strange, indeed, to see oneself as a computer-generated avatar. That said, believing the video game version of yourself eerily looks like Mose Schrute certainly does not help things.