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Blake Griffin shoots off ‘Fake News’ tweet amid child support report

A report surfaced this week suggesting Blake Griffin is on the hook for some significant child support obligations. However, the Detroit Pistons superstar, while not directly addressing the report, seemingly made note of it with a cryptic tweet in which the oft-trumpeted “Fake News” line is decried.

Griffin has been ordered to pay $258,000 a month in child support in Los Angeles Superior Court in his paternity case with Brynn Cameron, according to gossip blog Radar Online. If accurate, Griffin is obligated to pay Cameron approximately $3 million per year to support the former couple’s two children, Ford, 5, and Finn, 2.

Griffin on Thursday night took to Twitter to post a popular GIF featuring late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert uttering the “Fake News” mantra.

The breakdown in the relationship between Griffin and Cameron has been antagonistic and drama-filled, as noted in a report from the Detroit Free Press, which mentions how Griffin became involved with reality television star Kendall Jenner.

The court documents, according to Radar Online, say that Cameron claims that Griffin kicked her and the children out of his house last year. Since then, Griffin and Cameron, who said Griffin called off their engagement right after beginning to date socialite Kendall Jenner, were engaged in paternity and civil cases.

Griffin said, according to the documents, that he is paying for a five-bedroom home in Manhattan Beach in southern California for Cameron and the children.

Regardless of the circumstances that led to the reported child-support award, the court established Griffin’s annual income is $35 million, with the superstar slated to earn $31.5 million next season from the Pistons. If the report of the child support determination by the court proves accurate, Griffin of course has the means to pay it.

That said, it would appear Griffin does take issue with the veracity of the reporting. Hence the “Fake News” tweet.