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Yu Darvish brilliantly blows off Alex Rodriguez’s criticism

Yu Darvish on Tuesday took the high road when reacting to Alex Rodriguez’s nationally televised hit job on him a few days ago. The Chicago Cubs pitcher essentially blew off A-Rod’s criticism by revealing the kind of things that really bother him.

“I get mad,” Darvish said, through his interpreter, via the Chicago Sun-Times, “especially when my son doesn’t brush his teeth or when he’s hiding or he’s playing games when he’s not supposed to.

“That’s it.”

A-Rod made his inflammatory remarks during the broadcast of the Chicago Cubs-St. Louis Cardinals on “Sunday Night Baseball.” Rodriguez questioned Darvish’s methods to rehabilitation, among other things.

“So [Darvish] will let the team know when he’s ready, which, let me just tell you what that means to a clubhouse,” Rodriguez said in part. “You lose respect quickly. And my concern for him — because he’s a great young talent — is it may take two or three or four years and you may never get that back.”

Darvish’s agent, Joel Wolfe, blasted A-Rod over the criticism, calling it “classless” and “bordered on unprofessional.”

“If this story had come from a credible journalist, we might have shown some concern,” Wolfe told The Athletic . “But it came from A-Rod, so we’re paying it little attention.”

Cubs skipper Joe Maddon similarly called out Rodriguez on Monday, later implying the hit job was premeditated.

“It was definitely not extemporaneous,” Maddon said. “This was rehearsed for at least a week.”

Meanwhile, on the field, Darvish, out since May 20 due to right triceps tendinitis, conducted a 35-pitch bullpen session on Tuesday during which he threw all his pitches.

“For the first time in two months, I felt nothing from the first pitch of playing catch to the last ball of the bullpen session,” Darvish said.