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Gordon Hayward will ‘almost guarantee’ victory in All-NBA Fortnite showdown

Gordon Hayward admits initially to being a “hater” of Fortnite. The Boston Celtics star has quickly changed his tune and now believes his dedication to the game has made him perhaps the top Fortnite player in the NBA.

Hayward took to his personal website to publish a lengthy blog post titled “The Fortnite King.” Suffice to say, Hayward is pretty confident in his Fortnite skills, although he does admit he’s now “addicted.”

It’s noted in Hayward’s post that extensive rehab and recovery after dislocating his left ankle and fracturing his left tibia in his first regular-season game in a Boston Celtics uniform back in October led him to the wildly popular game. His skills and experience as an avid gamer easily translated to Fortnite.

“I’m a natural gamer, so once I got into it, I was pretty good pretty fast,” Hayward wrote. “I’ve got natural, good instincts.”

To close out his Fortnite King post, Hayward threw down the gauntlet to his fellow NBA players as well as any other professional athlete who espouses to be a talented Fortnite gamer.

But it would be actually really fun to have an all-NBA Fortnite match or something. I’ve been playing for a few months now, so I’m pretty confident I could come out on top. In fact, I’d almost guarantee it, and I’d be happy to take on anyone from any other sport, too.

Anybody up for the challenge?

Given how Fortnite is all the rage, there’s a good chance some pro athlete will be more than happy to take Hayward up on his challenge.