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Gabe Kapler denies ordering a Phillies fan’s ejection at Fenway Park

Gabe Kapler has denied authorizing the ejection of Philadelphia Phillies fan from Fenway Park during a game earlier this week.

Eric Rohlfing, 46, claims that Kapler ordered his ejection from Fenway during Monday’s Phillies-Red Sox game.

Rohlfing’s ejection occurred in the third inning of the Phillies’ 2-1 loss after he yelled at Odubel Herrera over a base-running blunder.

I thought the security guy was just going to tell me to not to do it again, or don’t go down the steps yelling at the players,” Rohlfing said on SportsRadio 94 WIP Tuesday morning, via the Philly Voice.

“He said, ‘You need to go,’ and I was like, ‘Go where?’ He said I was being ejected. I asked, ‘I’m being ejected for what?’ I told him all I said was, ‘Odubel, wake up!’ I told what I said. I asked him if they were sure they had the right guy. I didn’t curse, Rhys Hoskins was there, he heard what I said, and I didn’t curse.

“I wasn’t drinking [alcohol]. Then he said, ‘The manager wants you out.'”

Mark Cacciatore, Red Sox assistant director of security, called Rohlfing to apologize over the ejection, citing a miscommunication. The Red Sox offered Rohlfing tickets to Tuesday’s game, which he declined.

The Phillies, meanwhile, confirmed through a team spokesperson that Rohlfing’s removal was requested by the Phillies’ dugout, although the team claims they simply wanted Rohlfing moved, not ejected. The Phillies also insisted the order did not come from Kapler.

94WIP’s morning show host Angelo Cataldi said on Wednesday’s show he received a text message from Kapler about the incident.

“Angelo, looking forward to discussing the ‘fan being ejected’ story with you on the air Thursday, but I wanted to clear the air sooner, directly,” Kapler’s message read, via Crossing Broad. “The first I heard there was a fan ejected at all was this morning. I didn’t hear what he claims he was yelling, or even that someone was yelling in the first place. I certainly didn’t say anything to security.”

It will be interesting to see how this case of “He said, he said” plays out.