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Look: Eagles fan gets tattoo of Super Bowl LII strip sack of Tom Brady

A Philadelphia Eagles fan paid tribute to one of the most memorable moments from Super Bowl LII by having a representation of the play inked into his skin.

Anthony Mazziotti recently showcased a tattoo depicting Brandon Graham’s strip sack of Tom Brady late in the 4th quarter.

The critical turnover, which occurred with the Eagles leading 38-33, stalled the New England Patriots’ attempt at staging a comeback in a game Philly ultimately won by a score of 41-33.

Graham’s huge turnover-forcing play will be remembered by Eagles fans for generations. It goes without saying Mazziotti will be constantly reminded of the moment for as long as he lives.

The play not surprisingly serves as a cherished memory from the Eagles’ Super Bowl upset win for Graham as well. The Eagles defensive end highlighted the strip sack in a photograph featured in a gallery posted to Facebook by the team at the onset of training camp.

Graham notes in his “First Day of Eagles Camp” craft that he loves “nothing but strip sacking QBs.” Makes sense.

The above strip sack tattoo complements another Eagles fan’s tattoo of the Philly Special” play. And it goes without saying both of the mentioned tattoos look far better in hindsight than the Super Bowl LII-related tattoo a presumably regretful Patriots fan got.