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New details surface about Tristan Thompson-Draymond Green fight

A rumor surfaced this week alleging that Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green were involved in a skirmish at an exclusive party following the ESPY Awards a few weeks ago.

While the original rumors appeared to be merely gossip, there is now seemingly more reliable confirmation that some kind of aggressive exchange occurred between Thompson and Green.

The latest update about what transpired in L.A. nightclub Delilah comes via a report filed by The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson II (subscription required).

None of the attendees expected the on-the-court drama to flare back up in this setting.

Which is why everyone was stunned when Thompson, according to sources, out of nowhere attacked Green.

No argument. No squaring up. No taking it outside.

“It was a sucker punch,” said one source who attended the party. “But, to be honest, it wasn’t really a punch. It was more like a shove.”

It was a face mush, another source described it. Other reports have described it as a legit punch, maybe even a quick one-two.

Whatever it was, Green was incensed, according to the sources.

The original rumors suggested that Thompson allegedly was “getting the better” of Green during the fight. It also was alleged that LeBron James and Kevin Durant were responsible for breaking up the brawl. James is said to have left the party shortly after the incident.

Preceding the altercation in question, Green and Thompson mixed it up during the NBA Finals. The two scuffled during Game 1 of the Golden State Warriors’ ultimate sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Green later disrespected Thompson with a handshake snub along with his comments on rebuffing Thompson’s gesture.

All that said, with the latest report from a reputable source, it surely sounds like the original rumors were accurate to some extent. However, some of the details may have been somewhat overstated.