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Cubs fan wearing bucket on head says injuries could have been ‘fatal’

The Chicago Cubs fan who was hit by falling debris from Wrigley Field’s centerfield scoreboard last week credits the bucket he was wearing on his head at the time for saving him from potentially “fatal” injuries.

Kyle McAleer, a 20-year-old from Scranton, Iowa, was at last Tuesday’s Cubs-Diamondbacks game to celebrate his birthday the next day when plummeting debris hit him in the head.

The Cubs have since confirmed to NBC 5 the item that hit McAleer was a six-to-eight-inch pin, weighing between three and four pounds, that is used to secure the metal plates on the scoreboard.

McAleer required five staples to close the gash in his head, but thankfully escaped far more serious injury. And for that, the Cubs fan is grateful he was wearing an empty, plastic chewing gum bucket on his head … for rallying purposes, of course.

“That’s the funny part,” McAleer told WGN-TV. “If the Cubs weren’t losing I would not be wearing it. I guess I have Kyle Hendricks to thank for giving up three runs at that point in time.”

McAleer truly believes had it not been for the “rally bucket” on his head, things could have ended up much worse.

“The doctors said it could have definitely been more serious,” McAleer told CBS Chicago. “Major head trauma, probably a fractured skull, brain injury most likely. If anything, it could have very well been fatal if I wasn’t wearing the bucket, because the bucket; not only did it cushion the object’s fall, but it also deflected it in a way.”

McAleer mentioned the Cubs have been proactive in reaching out to him, even giving him a jersey and other gifts over the ordeal. However, it’s unclear at this time if McAleer will pursue a potential lawsuit or other legal action due to the long-term nature of his recovery.