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Browns QBs: ‘Hard Knocks’ banned from top secret RV clubhouse

The Cleveland Browns quarterbacking corps are behind one of the more amusing stories thus far from NFL training camps. But that does not mean the signal-callers aren’t taking some aspects of whimsical aside seriously.

It was confirmed last week that Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield have turned an RV into a super-secret, quarterbacks-only clubhouse in the camp parking lot.

The arrival of the top-secret QB clubhouse comes amid the Browns being the featured team for the upcoming season of HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” While the long-running documentary series is typically afforded unlimited, behind-the-scenes look at NFL teams, there is one place where “Hard Knocks” cameras will not be granted access.

Mayfield made it clear this week that the “Hard Knocks” crew in Berea, Ohio, will not be permitted in the RV.

“Privacy in my home, my mobile home,” Mayfield said of maintaining some anonymity within the RV’s friendly confines, via ESPN.

The notion of having a QB-only respite at training camp was the brainchild of Drew Stanton, the resident elder statesman among the Browns signal-callers.

“The RV started back in the spring when we had the rules committee for Baker, day one,” Stanton said. “… “It’s just someplace that you can go, you can get out of these four walls that start to close in on you after a period of time. There’s no secret meetings or anything going on.”

Both Mayfield and Taylor are 100 percent behind the exclusive clubhouse for quarterbacks.

“It’s just something for us to be able to get away,” Taylor said. “Not anything special or anything. Y’all are making it way bigger of a deal than it should be.”

“You do get one break between the walk-through and practice, so you’ve got to be able to kind of relax a little bit, unwind before practice,” Mayfield added. “Whether it’s looking at your scripts and doing all of that over again, just getting your mind right.

“… We just decided to make a little fun of it and have something for us.”