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Watch: Bill Belichick cracks joke about birthday present for Tom Brady

Friday will mark Tom Brady’s 41st birthday and it sounds like Bill Belichick may have some last-minute shopping to do.

The curmudgeonly New England Patriots head coach actually smiled and cracked a joke when asked about Brady’s upcoming birthday during his session with the media on Monday.

“After 19 years, is your relationship with Tom Brady to the point where you’ll get him a birthday gift this Friday?” Belichick was asked by a reporter.

The question evoked a relatively jovial response from the typically stoic, humorless Belichick.

“I still have a couple days to work that . . . we’ll come up with something,” a smiling Belichick replied, via WEEI.

So, is Belichick’s humorous aside an indication that all is well between the two, despite reports that allegations of discord between the Brady and Belichick remain unsettled? Perhaps not, but it’s possible.

Interestingly, Brady’s birthday actually inspired an uncharacteristic joke out of Belichick a few years ago. And Brady once used the notion of buying Belichick a Christmas gift for comedic effect.

It merits pointing out that the Patriots coach is not immune from attempts to tickle the media’s funny bone from time to time. Belichick really lets his quirky sense of humor shine when erroneously referring to social media platforms by comically incorrect names, as his gaffes appear intentional.

Either way, it’s high time to get shopping, Coach Belichick. Friday is only a few days away.