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Look: ‘Trump 2020’ banner unfurled Sunday at Yankee Stadium

The world of national politics made its presence known at Yankee Stadium on Sunday when a pro-Donald Trump banner was unfurled  “Trump 2020” on the railing of the upper deck in right field.

The “Trump 2020” banner was unfurled by fans during the eighth inning of the Yankees’ win over the Kansas City Royals. Photographs of the banner not surprisingly began to surface shortly afterward on social media.

It remains unclear at this time how long the banner was allowed to be displayed, nor how the fans managed to sneak it into the ballpark.

Trump of course has not fostered an antagonistic relationship with Major League Baseball, which stands in stark contrast to the frequent war of words he has waged with the NFL, and to a lesser extent, the NBA, during his presidency. That aside, Yahoo notes that Yankee Stadium is a somewhat surprising place to see a pro-Trump banner, as the President only garnered five percent of the vote in the Bronx during the 2016 election.