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Terrell Owens critical of ‘bully’ Jerry Jones over Cowboys’ anthem stance

Terrell Owens continued his recent war of words with Jerry Jones by going after the Dallas Cowboys owner over his handling of the national anthem protest controversy.

Jones declared last week that Cowboys players will be expected to stand for the anthem. Owens was asked if Jones is being a bully.

“Absolutely. I think the players really need to kind of have respect for themselves. Where’s our freedom of speech? Where do we have those liberties that give us that individuality and the right to stand up for what we believe in? That is being a bully,” Owens recently said on FOX Sports Radio, via SportsDay. “You’re basically stripping someone of their rights to do what they want to in a peaceful protest or however they want to do it.

“Again, it’s one of those things that everybody has to be in unison. I think if the players get together with the common goal and for the right reasons to make a stand, then they can create some leverage. But to say and put guys in a situation where they have to do something, that’s not right. That’s totally wrong.”

Owens’ comments come in the wake of those from Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, who last week also referred to Jones as a “bully” for the Cowboys’ stated anthem policy. That said, all indications are that Cowboys players are falling in line amid the team’s anthem directive, with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott recently stating their support.

The NFL reportedly has issued a gag order on Jones as the league attempts to come to terms with the NFLPA on anthem protests. A new anthem policy ratified by owners earlier this year has been temporarily shelved amid ongoing discussions between the NFL and players.

As far as Owens and Jones are specifically concerned, the two oversized personalities previously were quarreling over the former’s decision to not attend his own Hall of Fame commencement ceremony next month. It should come as little surprise that Owens has an unflattering opinion of Jones as well in regard to the anthem controversy.