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Watch: ‘NBA Live 19’ introduces Female Create-a-Player feature

EA Sports on Friday announced a groundbreaking feature has been added to the upcoming “NBA Live 19.” For the first time ever in a major basketball video game, gamers will be able to create female players.

EA Sports revealed the big news by featuring WNBA superstar Candace Parker in a promotional video. The tweet included the appropriate hashtag #ShesInTheGame” to tout the development.

EA Sports previously began to usher in this new era of gaming by featuring WNBA teams featuring entire rosters in last year’s edition of “NBA Live.”

EA Sports revealed several specific details about the new feature on its site, highlighted by how female created players “will be able to progress their characters in modes like The Rise, NBA LIVE 19’s introduction to your career mode which sees your player travel around the world to build her legacy on The Streets.”

“We wanted to make sure that our females were on the same footing as the males,” “NBA Live 19” producer Mike Mahar said in a phone interview with ESPNW. “They can play online in our head-to-head circuits, as well as in Pro-Am.”

The inclusion of the female create-a-player function marks “an important step toward leveling the playing field, providing gamers increased opportunities to express their unique individuality and create a reflection of themselves while competing in the game,” EA Sports indicated in a statement, via Bleacher Report.

“EA Sports continues to empower and inspire female athletes through their video games, and we are thrilled to see their steadfast commitment to inclusion and self-expression come to life in ‘NBA Live 19’,” WNBA president Lisa Borders said in a statement, via ESPNW.

“NBA Live 19” will be officially released on Sept. 7.