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Look: Photograph emerges of Browns QBs’ top secret clubhouse RV

It was confirmed earlier this week that Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield have turned an RV at Cleveland Browns training camp into a super-secret, quarterbacks-only clubhouse.

And now, thanks to some intrepid reporting by a media member on the scene in Berea, Ohio, photographic evidence of the exclusive hideout has been produced.

First, all credit goes to ESPN’s Dianna Russini for unearthing the story about the Taylor-Mayfield clubhouse.

Russini continues to break the QB hideout story wide open by obtaining what is believed to be the first image of the RV.

A Sunseeker, eh? A top-notch RV. Or maybe not.

Either way, it’s pretty cool how Mayfield and Taylor — and perhaps any other quarterback currently on the Browns roster, including Drew Stanton — will use their top-secret clubhouse/hideout to bond off the field. One can only imagine what’s going on inside the walls of that recreational vehicle. Probably some pretty neat stuff.

Although odds are Mayfield is refraining from expressing how he truly feels about being a second-stringer. Instead of a “Bosom Buddies” atmosphere, that kind of antagonism could really devolve into an “Odd Couple” kind of vibe. Or “Perfect Strangers.” Take your pick. You know, where occasionally personality clashes can create disastrous — yet comedic — shenanigans.

Then again, that sounds kinda fun, too.