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Malcolm Jenkins: NFL owners afraid of Donald Trump, Jerry Jones a ‘bully’

Malcolm Jenkins took on the NFL once again on Friday while speaking to reporters. And the target of the Philadelphia Eagles safety’s ire was the ongoing national anthem protest controversy.

Jenkins believes the NFL and its team owners are “afraid” of Donald Trump, which explains their inconsistent actions related to anthem protests, even though some owners have come out to oppose the President.

“They’re afraid of our president I think they’re afraid of half of our fan base so they try to appease both sides and they end up not satisfying anybody,” Jenkins said after Friday’s training camp session, via “They know more than anybody that it’s not about the flag, it’s not about the anthem. They’ve been right along with us. They met with police along with us, we invited them to our events, they’ve seen our meetings with community activists. They know it has nothing to do with the military.

“The fact that they continue that rhetoric further divides this league and further divide players and owners and even our country. It continues to push that narrative that’s frankly not true.”

Jenkins went on to single out Jerry Jones, who recently declared Dallas Cowboys players will be required to stand for the anthem. Jenkins made sure to make a distinction between Jones and Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie.

“Jeffrey’s been very supportive of us from the beginning. I don’t see Jeffrey as a bully like Jerry Jones is,” Jenkins stated. “Lucky for me, I don’t play for the Cowboys, nor would I want to. It’s unfortunate that you have owners like him that use his position to intimidate and intentionally thwart even the idea of his players thinking individually or having a voice about issue that effect their communities daily. It’s unfortunate.”

It merits noting that Trump on Friday praised Jones’ hard-line stance on anthem policy.

Jenkins is among the NFL’s most outspoken players when it comes to addressing social injustice among other issues. Just earlier this week during an interview with “NBC Nightly News.” Jenkins opined that “protests and fighting back is the American way.”