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Look: Bulls fan gets inked with incredible ‘Crying Jordan’ tattoo

An obviously huge Chicago Bulls fan recently paid homage to Michael Jordan by getting himself inked with an absolutely amazing “Crying Jordan” tattoo.

The realistic nature of the tattoo is simply uncanny. Amazing.

Steve Butcher, the artist behind the impressive ink, recently told TMZ Sports that the tattoo required 10 hours to complete from start to finish. Butcher also notes that the person who got that tattoo is indeed a huge Bulls fan, although it would have been shocking to learn otherwise.

Butcher’s name may sound familiar to those who pay attention to sports-related ink. The New Zealand-based tattoo artist has become well-known due to hyper-realistic tattoos depicting the likes of Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and Conor McGregor.

Impressive stuff. In fact, those tattoos are downright unbelievable.

All that aside, kudos to Butcher for the “Crying Jordan” tattoo, as it celebrates without question one of the best sports-related memes of all-time. There is simply no debating it. And now it’s been memorialized in tattoo form. Which is … something.

Best of all? At least this die-hard MJ fan found a much more appropriate way to exhibit his devotion than heckling LeBron James, like this guy did.