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Watch: Astros’ Alex Bregman unloads on umps over fan interference call

Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman absolutely unloaded on the umpiring crew calling Wednesday’s game in an expletive-laden rant following a 3-2 loss to the Colorado Rockies.

Bregman’s post-game rant centered around a controversial fan-interference call during the top of the sixth inning. Bregman’s hit a high fly ball that bounced of the wall. Rockies manager Bud Black challenged for fan interference and Bregman was called out after replays showed a fan in an Astros jersey reach his glove over the railing and appeared to deflect the ball.

The fan’s action changed the directory of the ball as Rockies left fielder Gerardo Parra attempted to catch it. The fan was escorted out of the game by security.

So, instead of standing on third base with a critical triple, Bregman returned to the dugout. And after the game, Bregman profanely ethered the umps.

“It was a f—ing joke, and they should be f—ing ashamed of themselves,” Bregman told reporters, via ESPN. “Obviously, the guy has never played f—ing baseball before in his life, the guy in charge of whoever made that decision. There is no possible way you can say that a left fielder jumping backwards into a wall is guaranteed to make a catch.

“It changed the whole f—ing game. We’re up 2-1 at the time, I’m at third base. We need a fly ball to the outfield to get me in, and it’s 3-1. It’s f—ing horrible.”

Bregman’s frustration is understandable to some extent, but MLB rules specifically state a batter will be called out if fan interference “clearly prevents a fielder from catching a fly ball.” It would appear the umps got the call right despite Bregman’s foul-mouthed diatribe.