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Watch: Tom Brady meets toddler twins named after him at training camp

Tom Brady met some adorable little twins as the New England Patriots opened training camp on Thursday. And their namesakes made it extremely flattering for the Patriots signal-caller.

Why? Because the toddler twins are named after him, as one is named “Tom” and the other “Brady.”

Brian and Grace Caffyn, the boys’ parents, currently live in Hong Kong. Despite the great distance, the parents still maintain their allegiance to the Patriots, to say the least, obviously.

Brian claims to have been inspired to name the twin boys after Brady following the Patriots’ thrilling victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

“They were born like two months after the Seattle game so I was pretty charged up,” Caffyn said, via CBS Boston.

The Patriots posted phenomenal video of Brady’s encounter with Tom and Brady, which must have made for a surreal scene for the quarterback.

“You’re Tom, but I’m Tom too,” Brady said. “We got the same name.”

Making matters even more interesting on the themed-name front, Brady’s middle name is “Edelman” in honor of the Pats wide receiver.

“You gotta meet Julian,” Tom Brady said in response. “He’s out here somewhere.”

There have been numerous occasions where fans name a child in honor of a favorite team or player (see here, here, here, here and here). Still, twins named Tom and Brady? Talk about doubling down on the baby-name tribute.