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Kevin Durant says media ‘trying to make me look crazy’

Kevin Durant on Thursday lashed out at the media over how he’s portrayed, saying “y’all trying to make me look crazy.”

The Golden State Warriors superstar experienced yet another eventful week in which the coverage has been nonstop related to activities having nothing to do with basketball. Most of the firestorm involved the fallout from Durant’s appearance on Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum’s podcast earlier this week.

The podcast was amicable enough with the two engaging in entertaining, witty banter. Durant, though, later went after McCollum on Twitter over a subsequent, unflattering comment McCollum made about him.

Durant elected to rail against the media over the coverage of the so-called beef, arguing he’s often portrayed as the “sensitive one” and “insecure.”

Durant let loose after USA Basketball practice when asked if he’s grown weary of people criticizing him for not remaining silent.

“Oh yeah,” Durant said, via ESPN. “I mean, it is just to the point that I know what you’re upset at. Just say it instead of make excuses. Know what I’m saying? I got too many texts or I talk too much on Instagram or I talk too much on Twitter or I don’t know how to talk to my teammates, or I am angry or insecure or sensitive. Tell me what the real problem is.

“Because every time I say something, I go about my business, and when I say something, House of Highlights and Bleacher Report [mash] it all up and y’all run with it, and as soon as I say something back, I’m the sensitive one. I mean, I know y’all trying to make me look crazy and discredit me and strip me of my credibility. But I see what you doing. But I’m going to still keep standing.

Durant obviously is frustrated by the way he’s portrayed by the media and otherwise. However, some of Durant’s antics at times do open him up to some semblance of criticism. That said, Durant has every right to defend himself when feeling compelled to do so.